Hazeleye vom Elbauetal

D.O.B. - August 27th, 2012

Very playful female with high interest in a ball. She is incredibly bold and confident. It shows itself in the moment as a beautiful, short, compact young dog!

in cooperation with Marcus Jarczak - Dobermannkennel "von der Piratenburg"

health tests

HD-1, vWd-clear, Dilute-free, DNA tested, DCM-free (2016)



BH in HSV Neuenkirchen e.V. (DVG) (judge: Jens Siemers)
ZTP V1a in Stadland (judge: Norbert Daube



German Champion VDH
German Youth Champion DV
German Youth Champion VDH


youth class:
CACIB Neumünster 2013 - Vg1, Jugendsiegerin (judge: Martin Gschwindl - A)
CAC DV Stadland 2013 - Vg1, Jugendsiegerin (judge: Hans Wiblishauser - DE)
CAC Dortmund 2013 - Vg2 (judge: Armin Hoppe - DE)
CACIB Bremen 2013 - Exc1, Jugendsiegerin (judge: H. Lehkonen - FIN)
CAC LG-Schau Weser-Ems 2013 - Vg1, Landesgruppen-Jugendsiegerin (judge: Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel - DE)
CAC Hamburg 2013 - Vg1, Jugendsiegerin (judge: Rudi Killmaier - DE)
Bundessiegerzuchtschau Dortmund 2013 - Vg4 (judge: Hans Wiblishauser - DE)
intermediate class:
CACIB Kassel 2013 - Exc2 (judge: Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel - DE)
CAC Gütersloh 2014 - Exc1, CAC, BOB (judge: Ostenk Schenk - NL)
CACIB Neumünster 2014 - Exc1, CAC (judge: Detlef Köhler - DE)
CAC Altona 2014 - Exc2 (judge: Norbert Daube - DE)
CAC Stadland 2014 - Exc2 (judge: Norbert Daube - DE)
CAC Altona 2014 - Exc1, res-CAC (judge: Norbert Daube - DE)
CACIB Bremen 2014 - Exc1 (judge: Gesa Schicker - DE)
CAC Bremen 2014 - Exc1, CAC, BOB (judge: Walter Schicker - DE)
champion class:
Landesgruppen-Siegerschau Hamburg 2016 - Exc1, Landesgruppen-Siegerin, CAC, BOB (judge: Rudi Killmaier - DE)
CACIB Bremen 2016 - Exc1, CAC, res-CACIB (judge: H. Assenmacher-Feyel)


  • parents
  • Wizard of Oz de Grande VinkoHD-1, PHTVL/PHPV-free, DCM-free, 24 h EKG, DNA tested
    BH, AD, ZTP V1b, angekört IIb, ZVA, IPO 3
    VDH Champion
    Landesgruppensieger Altona + BOB 2013
  • Quirina de Grande Vinko HD-1, vWD-clear, Dilute-free, PHTVL/PHTV-Cataract-PRA-free, Cardio free
    BH, ZTP V1a, IPO 1
    VDH Champion
    VDH Youth Champion