Heavens Devil vom Elbauetal

D.O.B. - August 27th, 2012

owner: Andrea Heibeck in Uelzen
contact: andreaheibeck@yahoo.com


health tests

HD 1, vWd clear, ECG, color doppler, 24 h holter, heart ultrasound - no signs of any heart disease (October 2020, May 2022), Troponin okay (October 2020), EMBARK tested




BH, ZTP V1A, SPr 1



youth class:
CAC Hamburg 2013 - Vg1 (judge: Rudi Killmaier - DE)
CAC Oldenburg 2013 - Vg3 (judge: Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel - DE)
intermediate class:
CAC Altona 2014 - Exc2 (judge: Norbert Daube - DE)
open class:
CAC Hamburg 2014 - Exc3 (judge: Mario Mayerhofer - A)
CAC Hamburg 2017 - Exc2 (judge: Thomas Becht - DE)



March 7th, 2021 - V-litter "vom Eschenbruch" - DE
expected - A-litter "FCI registerd without kennel name" - NL





  • parents
  • Wizard of Oz de Grande VinkoHD-1, PHTVL/PHPV-free, DCM-free, 24 h EKG, DNA tested
    BH, AD, ZTP V1b, angekört IIb, ZVA, IPO 3
    VDH Champion
    Landesgruppensieger Altona + BOB 2013
  • Quirina de Grande Vinko HD-1, vWD-clear, Dilute-free, PHTVL/PHTV-Cataract-PRA-free, Cardio free
    BH, ZTP V1a, IPO 1
    DV Champion
    VDH Champion
    VDH Youth Champion